Welcome to Crystal Creek

The Crystal Creek Community is located on the westside of Jacksonville, Florida at Crystal Springs Road and Summit Oaks Drive W. This website is for the residents to share information of community activities, events and meetings as well as your yard sales and/or business. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Crystal Creek Architectural Review Request


The next HOA meeting is Monday, January 28, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at Woodstock Baptist Church, 9120 Crystal Spring Road.  Go around to the back and go in the double doors under the walkway in the metal building. All residents are encouraged to attend.

YOUR HOA Board welcomes comments, questions and suggestions at crystalcreekhoapres@yahoo.com.

Displaying House Numbers - Crystal Creek Community

Your house needs to have its address displayed prominently so that it can be viewed from the street. This is important to enable emergency vehicles to find your house in case of a fire or the need for an ambulance.

Your Hoa President is painting address numbers on curbs, using special material that makes the numbers light up when headlights or other lights get close. It is the same material used on white and yellow lines on the highway. If you would like your number put on the curb you can contact Tammy Larrick with name and address. This will cost $25.00. Tammy's number is 904-777-5129 x104 or email her attammycl@comcast.net.

See Guidelines for Trash Pickup on the Community Happening's page.


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President's Notes

Anytime you have a crime you should also report it to the Hoa management company and our neighborhood watch. You can find phone numbers for them on the neighborhood watch page. You are requested to provide video footage and try to narrow the time down as much as possible. Our cameras are working very well and we recently got the vechile and tag of someone who took a basketball goal. The cameras are for the community and I put them there to help us all. 

Many residents park on the street due to a lack of parking spaces. That’s not a problem it is a city street and you are allowed to park on the street. However, people parking on both sides of the road across from each other blocks the road unless you are driving a small car. Emergency vehicles, large trucks, pickups and/or delivery vehicles cannot pass through. If you block the road, people may call the city and have your vehicle towed. Please be considerate of others and don't block the road or park across from another car on the other side of the road.

All dogs must be on a leash unless in your home or behind a fence. I spoke with animal control. If they are called and it is known what home the dog or dogs belong they will knock on your door even if your dog is back home. They will need to see the dog is registered with the city and that all shots are up to date. If not, this will cost owners money. If your dog is loose the first fine by animal control is $250.00 second fine is $400.00 and a third fine $500.00. Please understand I love dogs. I have two of my own.  However no one wants your dog to come running towards them. It’s not fair to the people in this community to have to put up with this.   If you love your dog keep them inside or on a leash. Just this week I have spotted 6 dogs loose. Really there is just not an excuse to have your animal loose in our community. I will advise the people of this community that animal control has stated that if at least 2 people see your dog loose, and they are willing to sign a statement, the owner or owners will be held accountable. Take warning loose dogs will not be tolerated. 

Board of Directors

President Charla Curtis crystalcreekhoapres@yahoo.com
Vice President Rabon Patterson
Treasurer Netosha Dopson
Secretary Valerie Riley
Director Troy Marceaux
Director John Rhudy
Director Arlene Smith

City Grant

Crystal Creek Hoa was approved for the city grant of $5000.00 and operation gazebo will start soon. We would love for people in the community to come and help with this project - after all it is for the community.